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A DMCA Notification must include the following:

  1. Location of the content infringing on your copyright: the URL where the infringed work is found; the title; any other identifying information;

  2. An identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed;

  3. Your contact information: this allows the service provider to contact you while investigating your claim (including your email address, name, telephone number);

  4. A “good faith” statement: this basically means you have good reason to believe the use of the content you state in your notice has not been authorized by the owner — you;

  5. An accuracy statement made under penalty of perjury: your word that the information you’re including in your DMCA notice is true to the best of your knowledge;

  6. Your signature: it’s best if this is an actual manual signature and not an e-signature.

Important Notice: You may be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys’ fees) if you materially misrepresent that material or activity infringes on your copyright.